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Device for putting on compression hosiery ID-01


The metal device is designed to facilitate the process of putting on compression hosiery, as well as to prevent damage to the hosiery

  • size: 34x25x19 cm
  • colour: white

Instructions for use:

  • Put the device ID-01 is stable on the floor. Expand the arcuate portion device ID-01 to your side
  • Remove the compression product inside out, put on the arcuate portion of device ID-01, so that the heel portion is facing towards you and the socks on the opposite side from you
  • Pull the product on a device ID-01 until the heel portion of an article.
  • Press the device ID-01 with both hands to the floor and advance the foot in the hole so that your foot touched the floor. Make sure that the heel region of the article coincided with your heel. Holding the frame device ID-01, pull the product on the shin to knee
  • Lift the device ID-01 up to the end product and remove it carefully.
  • For products with open-toed further use silk sock

Product care:

  • wipe the product with a damp cloth


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