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Anti-embolic stockings with silicone-based simple elastic band ID-380


  • compression classes: Class 1 (18-21 mm Hg), Class 2 (23-32 mm Hg)
  • standard length
  • decreasing gradient of compression from the bottom up (maximum pressure in ankle in mm Hg)
  • porous binding provides thermoregulation and water - salt balance of the skin
  • knitting technology provides high stretchability of the hosiery in different directions and facilitates the process of putting on
  • hole under the fingers to monitor the state during operations and childbirth

Indications for use:

Compression class 1 - 18 - 21 mm Hg:

  • prevention of the formation of venous thrombosis before, during and after surgery, during childbirth
  • prevention of violations of the venous outflow in bedridden patients

Compression class 2 - 23 - 32 mm Hg:

  • prevention of thromboembolic complications after phlebosclerosis and surgical intervention in the veins of the lower extremities
  • pathology of lower extremity veins in sedentary patients


  • chronic obliterating diseases of the arteries of the lower extremities, when the regional systolic pressure on a.tibialis posterior is below 80 mm Hg.
  • severe forms of diabetic polyneuropathy and angiopathy
  • decompensated cardiopulmonary insufficiency
  • trophic ulcers of non-venous etiology
  • acute soft tissue infection
  • septic phlebitis
  • consult a specialist before use

How to choose the size of the product

Vendor code: ID-380

product size


S(II) (W)


M(III) (W)


L(IV) (W)

ankle circumference (B) 17-19 19-22 19-22 22-25 22-25 25-28 25-28 28-31 28-31 31-33 31-33
the circumference of the widest part of the shin (C) 28-34 30-37 30-37 33-40 33-40 36-44 36-44 38-46 38-46 41-51 41-51
hip circumference (G) 43-48 45-52 53-62 49-56 57-67 54-62 63-74 58-66 67-79 62-70 71-83

Instructions for use:

How to properly put on medical compression knitwear:

By hands:
1. Put on the product in the morning. Make sure that your nails are neatly cut, and the rings are removed;
2. Put on the product sitting on the bed, couch, etc. The leg should be bent at the knee in front of you.
3. The product should be on the front side.
4. Ins ert the hand to the heel part, grab the heel with your fingers fr om the inside, turn it inside out to the heel and straighten it.
5. Insert two thumbs in the inside of the inverted product, stretch it as far as possible to the sides.
6. Pull on the heel part of the product, combine it with the heel of the foot, fix in this position stepping on the heel.
7. At the middle of the foot, make a small crease on the product, grab it deeply with your fingers on both sides, move to the rise, stretch as far as possible, resting on the heel (it depends on how it is convenient for you - either with both thumbs or with the bottom of the palms), wind the heel round with the stretched product, stretch to the level of the ankle and straighten the edge.
8. Next, in portions (approximately 5 cm), grab the product, stretch it, straighten the edge from the creases. When the foot is visible, make sure that the heel part of the product has the correct position. If the heel part is displaced, then grab it with your fingers, pull it back and fix it correctly.

With the butler:
1. Place the butler on the floor in front of you, so that the arc is closer to you.
2. Take the stocking in both hands so that the heel is pointed at you.
3. Pull the product to the butler to the heel.
4. Insert the foot in to the product so that the foot is placed on the floor.
5. Pull the butler by the handrail up to the knee.
6. Remove the butler.
7. Distribute the product along the leg.
8. Smooth the product with your hands on all the height so that there are no creases.

How to remove the product correctly:
1. Take the top of the product by hand and, turning it, pull it down to the knee, then to the ankle and toe.
2. Do not pull the elastic band, but grab the knitted part of the product

Note :

  • for all types of products - if the product is not stretched enough over the leg - do not stretch its upper part, but lower it and stretch it again in portions, but stronger; It is advisable to wear gloves when putting on;
  • for knee socks - do not wear above the kneecap;
  • for stockings with silicone tape - do not apply cream or ointment to that part of the foot wh ere the silicone tape is stuck; every day wash manually at the temperature of 30 ° C in a soap solution to preserve the adhesive ability of the tape;
  • for tights and man's tights - if the product is not stretched enough in its compression part, in no case you can tighten it with “panties” as the seams and loops can be broken;
  • after washing, dry the knitwear in the towel. Hang up for dryingin a well-ventilated area.

Do not cut the ends of the threads or labels so that the knots made during manufacturing knitwear, are kept.

Wear the knitwear in the mode that is recommended by the attending physician.
If there are no recommendations, we recommend to put it on in the morning, and take it off in the evening.

Product care:

  • wash at 95 ℃. The product should not be sterilized more than 5 times.


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